Week 2 & 3: Stan the Van aka. Vanper Valentino & Kaleo Concert

Vanper Valentino aka Stan The Van

During our weeks 2 and 3, we were busy fixing the van every day. We watched some World Cup games while researching things on the internet and then we would go to the van and work till it got dark. Unfortunately, by now Poland and Mexico are out but you can imagine how happy we were when Mexico won its games :).

As we mentioned in the previous post, we had to get some things done before hitting the road. We started with all the leakages making sure that our home on wheels wouldn’t get any water in. There were some holes in the floor that we had to patch. Moreover, we gave some love to the interiors, build the kitchen and storage. Since the previous owners didn’t take care too much of the interiors, we had the whole bunch of things to do: clean and seal windows, replace panels, and build a kitchen from scratch.

Here the list of the amenities we did to the van:


  1. Side wooden panels were rotten and got replaced
  2. The panels in good condition got painted
  3. A rotten tinted screen was scrapped off the windows
  4. Windows got sealed
  5. Some mosquito screens got replaced
  6. The high-top fiberglass roof got sealed
  7. Old lights got replaced with LED lights
  8. The front speakers got replaced
  9. The fresh water pump got replaced
  10. The freshwater tank got cleaned and sanitized
  11. Floor holes were patched with sheet metal
  12. Side holes were patched with sheet metal
  13. Curtain holders were repaired
  14. Curtains got washed
  15. New flooring
  16. New tires
  17. Blower, Hazard lights, gauge, fuel system (fixed by a mechanic)

Amenities Built

  1. Super kitchen with sink, gas stove, holding grey water tank and slide-out chopping board
  2. Freshwater system got hooked to the kitchen faucet
  3. Storage shelves were build
  4. 750 W 115V inverter was installed and mounted to a wall
  5. New bed foam mattress for the top bed
  6. Portable toilet with flushing water and holding tank
  7. Water spray AC
  8. Solar shower

Amenities Already Included

  1. Gasoline generator (only works while parked)
  2. Microwave (only works with the generator)
  3. Fridge (only works with the generator)
  4. Rooftop AC (only works with the generator)
  5. Full-size top bed
  6. Double twin size convertible couch.
  7. Captain chair front seats

We were extremely lucky to get the help and support from the wonderful Pepe and Sandy who worked really hard helping us in all means. Thanks to them we got the best-customized interiors ever. Thanks a lot, guys!

During these weeks we made many trips to the hardware store in order to get the wood, all the correct parts for the sink and water tank, etc. Puff.. it took always lots of time, nevertheless, after this, we became little specialists in plumbing and wood 😉

Red Rocks Amphitheatre Kaleo Concert

It was all about the van, but luckily we had an opportunity to take Stan the Van to Red Rocks Amphitheater and together with Sandy, Pepe, Emilio and Diana watched a Kaleo concert. If you ever get the chance of watching a concert in Red Rocks, do not hesitate, this place is amazing, got great acoustics, and beautiful landscape right in front of you. We also got a great parking/tailgate spot, where we could enjoy some time and drinks in the van before the concert.

Last days in Lakewood (CO)

We could not leave Lakewood without polish dinner. We prepared ruskie pierogi, cabbage with mushrooms and żurek (sour rye soup). This was the first dinner cooked for the hosts of vagabundos del mundo.

A few days before the planned departure day, we had the feeling that the list of the things that had to be done was endless, but those were also the days we could see the most progress. All walls, kitchen, floor, curtains, among other were all finished just a couple of days shy of the departure. Slowly our van started to look like home <3

In the end, we manage everything, and on the 3rd of July, we hit the road from Lakewood (CO) to Norman (OK) to visit Ivan’s school friend Cesar and his family.

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