Week 0: Last Days with Friends 2

Continuation of week 0.

Stream Festival

Just as important as preparations were also celebrations. Linz offered us 2 amazing festivals to enjoy with our friends our last two weekends: the Stream Festival, and the Bubble Days.

The Stream Festival is a free open air festival in Linz with its main stage parallel to the Danube’s riverside. Amazing venue without barriers, so people could just come and sit on the riverside and enjoy the concerts even with their own drinks. Our favorite band of the festival was without doubt Lola Marsh from Israel.

Bubble Days

A weekend later (our last weekend in Linz) Bubble Days took place in the Linz Harbor. The weather was fantastic so we could enjoy lots of attractions as pump truck for skateboarders and a virtual reality game. I (Olga) took part in a SUP Challenge with the SILK Fluegge Team. We didn’t win but, we were the only female team and had lots of fun!

Bubble days was not only a leisure time for me. Together with SILK Fluegge B- Girl Circle Project we performed 4 times and organised workshops. It was a total success!

Family Fest

Organizing all the farewell parties we could’t forget about our little ones and their parents. So, on our last Sunday in Linz we organised family meeting with hand made pierogi. While the ladies (polish clan) were preparing pierogi, the kids with their fathers/”uncles” were playing at the playground. We had a great Sunday afternoon with 5 kiddos, their parents and friends.


Final Arrangements and Packing

Here is an approximate list of the things that we took with us to the trip.



  1. Regular clothes for 2 weeks
  2. Pijamas
  3. 2x Sport clothes
  4. Poncho (Aponcho) <3
  5. 2x Beach/Surf clothes
  6. 2x Hoddies
  7. Soft shell jacket
  8. Light isolation jacket
  9. Hiking Rain jacket 
  10. Merino long underwear set
  11. Scarf + beanie
  12. Sneakers
  13. Trekking shoes
  14. Flip-flops
  15. Warm wool socks


  1. Laptop + charger
  2. Solar power bank
  3. External HDD
  4. Smartphone
  5. 2x USB chargers
  6. Male American – female European converter
  7. Powerbank 
  8. Headphones



  1. Regular clothes for 2 weeks
  2. 3x Sleeping t-shirts
  3. 1x Working clothes
  4. 2x Sports clothes
  5. 2x Beach/Surf clothes
  6. Hoddie
  7. Windbreaker / Soft shell jacket
  8. Light isolation jacket
  9. Hiking jacket
  10. Merino long underwear set
  11. General sneakers
  12. Nice sneakers
  13. Trekking shoes
  14. 2x Flip-flops
  15. Mexico, Poland and Austria jerseys


  1. Laptop + charger
  2. Bluetooth mouse
  3. Externally powered USB 3 hub
  4. External HDD
  5. Portable Bluetooth speakers
  6. Smartphone
  7. 2x USB chargers
  8. 2x Male American – female European converters
  9. European wall plug extender
  10. Rechargeable battery pack

Extra Gear

  1. Lightweight camping tent
  2. Lightweight sleeping bag (to be bought)
  3. Swiss army knife and Leatherman
  4. Portable electric lantern
  5. Head lamps
  6. Water bottle
  7. Notebooks and pens
  8. Extra duffel bag
  9. 60L backpack
  10. Regular backpack
  11. Fanny pack (Olga)
  12. Medicine kid (just in case)


  1. Passport
  2. Visas
  3. National ID
  4. Driver license
  5. International driver license (probably an overkill)
  6. Bank cards
  7. Scans of all important documents in the cloud

Weight Totals per Person

  • 60L + 10L backpack: 17kg
  • Carry on regular backpack: 6.5 kg

The last Freistädter (Beer)

We couldn’t leave Linz without a last Freistädter beer with friends at OK Platz. We were running out of time with packing and rearranging the apartment, but we managed to go out and have a nice summer evening in the city center of Linz and say a proper good bye to our dear friends!

Goodbye Linz: Fly Away to London

Tuesday 12th of June 2018 bye bye Linz!

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