Week 0: Last Days with Friends 1

Hey there! This is the last pre-trip post. Even though we are already in week 2 of our trip, we just got time to write now.

So we are thinking to organize our blog in weeks, therefore, next post will be Week 1 and so on. Without further ado, these are the last things we did in Linz, enjoy.

Garage Sale and Aussauffest

As May went by and the June came closer, we had to move out from my shared flat and move in together to Olga’s apartment. Of course I had a ridiculous amount of unnecessary stuff in my apartment that I had to get rid off, and Olga had some stuff too. On top of that, we had so much booze together that stacked up over the years, that we came up with 2 ideas: a garage sale to get rid of stuff, and an Aussauffest to drink up the booze.

Both events were to benefit our trip, and we managed to raise about 250€. Unfortunately, we did not get rid of neither most of our stuff nor most of the booze. At the Aussauffest aftermath, we managed to fill a whole bucket of rest alcohol and had to sink it down the toilet. In short, monetarily, the events were a success, but getting rid of stuff, they were a complete disaster.

Moving Out, Moving In

Moving out was an nightmare. I had too many things to do, and so little time. Lots of work to wrap up before leaving, personal things and documents to prepare, good-bye parties, tennis league on Saturdays, among other. Thankfully, a friend of ours, Jose, works for a road painting company and he could borrow the company’s huge van to move the furniture and big items. He helped us happily 3 weekends in exchange of our very nice living room couch which we had inherited from our other good friend Julio =).

Moving in was easier, but not without its troubles. It was already June and we had 12 days to get everything ready in our first flat together. Yes, we moved in together 12 days before departure ^^.

We were lucky that my flatmate Jarle wanted to move in too, but only for a year. Which fitted us perfectly, because we were looking for someone to take care of our flat for a year. He also agreed to move in after 12th, so we had a chance to prepare everything.

So, we cleared out the master bedroom, we moved all of our stuff into the second bedroom of the flat and the basement, and we were all set!

R_Drives Goodbye and UTC Tennis

Not being enough, I had an amazing goodbye event with my KEBA colleagues of the drives department. We did part of the Johannesweg in Mühlviertel, which has some amazing trails and landscape. We rode 43.2 km and climbed a total 1200 m incline.

To wrap up, I played the summer tennis league with my good old club UTC Wels the last couple of weeks before departure. We had mixed results, but we should finish the season in the upper half of the table and keep our league class. Vamos equipo!!!


2 thoughts on “Week 0: Last Days with Friends 1”

  1. Guau Ivi y Olguita, la aventura empezó mucho antes!!! De verdad que qué padre que puedan hacer esto! Pásenla padrísimo!!! Los quiero mucho 😘😘!!

  2. You amaze me! All those preparations without leaving friends, sports, and activities out is just brilliant! (You are going to London hehe)


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