THE VANPER: Planning, organising, decisions!

The Updates

It’s been a while since the last post and we accomplished a lot in the meantime. We have been mainly busy with the organisation of the trip and working on the website. We hope you like the little adaptations we have made. One of the important improvements is the guestbook. There you can share with us your suggestions, wishes, comments, etc. We would love to hear from you, what you think about the plan, the website, the idea, if you know anyone we could meet during our journey, or your recommendations about the must see pleases along the way.

We also updated the map. Now it includes the exact arrival date to the US.

It means that…YES! we got our one way tickets already! Yayyy! We are going to travel to London on the 12.06.2018, and fly from London to Denver on the 14.06.2018. (*dear London friends we are coming!!! Watch out!)

We also estimated how long we would need for the traveling from A to B, and adjusted in the map accordingly. Nevertheless, it is just a rough plan that will change depending on possibilities we get along the way. The plan is to travel to the locations where we know someone, that is why the plan is so dynamic. We would be very thankful for your support with filling in the gaps on our map 🙂

The Vanper

We spend the last couple of weeks scanning the internet for our future home on wheels. We got few candidates, but non of them fulfilled our expectations. Our amazing supporters checked the vans out with their strict eye. Without them it would not have been possible.

So the next candidate appeared… The Ford Econoline 250 (1990) with low millage, semi furnished interiors, and in good shape… Sounds too good! Let’s see if live it looks as good as in the announcement. Pepe and Sandy went to check it, had a ride in it, and gave us feedback: it works well and seems to be the real deal. Now the ball was on us –decisions, decisions, decisions. as someone smart said. 😉

We decided to accept the deal under certain conditions.

The time zones difference didn’t make the communication any easier. We were getting messages from the US early morning, and by the time we answered it was late night over there. Eventually, on Fat Tuesday, we were sitting in a bar waiting for our beers, and looked up the online announcement and saw this:

That was a moment we froze and asked ourselves “Are we the proud owners of a vanper already?”

few moments later we got this….

Our Ford standing on the driveway of Sandy and Pepe’s house.

So that is the great news of this post: we bought our VANPER and it is waiting for us in Denver. Thanks to the amazing help from the family in Denver. We are the lucky owners of Ford Econoline from 1990.

Another big step is behind us.

The Secondary Home

And not lesser important: our secondary home =)

Oh! and as you can see in our count down we got only 114 days left!


p.s. for all the techies don’t miss on Ivan’s series about setting up the website from the scratch.

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  1. Congrats sister and brother!

    Make and model of the tent? It seems to have aluminum poles, in my experience better than graphite 👍🏻 Good job!


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