Weeks 26, 27 – Guatemala with Love

Flores Guatemala began in its border with Belize. It felt like going back to Mexico. The eastern part of the country feels like a mixture of Chiapas and the Yucatan Peninsula. The most noticeable difference: thicker tortillas. The region is very Mayan and the language, dialects, and accents reminded us of the dear-ol’ Yucatan. We … Read more

Week 5: South Florida

After our adventures in Louisiana, we happily arrived in Florida. We had made plans with my family and Ivan’s friends in South Florida (Naples & Miami) so from the Pensacola state border, we drove all the way to Naples. Second Breakdown We have two gas tanks in our Van so when one finishes we have … Read more

Week 1: London, Meeting the Vanper, Rocky Mountain National Park

After intensive last weeks in Austria, farewell parties and preparations, the day has come. On the 12th of June, we started our adventure and took off from Linz to London. London: #RibbonAndBeard We stayed two nights in London with the wonderful #RibbonAndBeard, our Spanish friends who also traveled around the globe in 2015. We walked … Read more

Week 0: Last Days with Friends 2

Continuation of week 0. Stream Festival Just as important as preparations were also celebrations. Linz offered us 2 amazing festivals to enjoy with our friends our last two weekends: the Stream Festival, and the Bubble Days. The Stream Festival is a free open air festival in Linz with its main stage parallel to the Danube’s … Read more

Week 0: Last Days with Friends 1

Hey there! This is the last pre-trip post. Even though we are already in week 2 of our trip, we just got time to write now. So we are thinking to organize our blog in weeks, therefore, next post will be Week 1 and so on. Without further ado, these are the last things we … Read more