About Us

We are the crazy Olga and Ivan, however, not Russian as one might guess by our given names. We are a Mexican-Polish couple that craves for the sick outdoors. We grind the snowy slopes on snowboard, we shred the sun bathed cables on wakeboard and wakeskate, we polish the smooth paved roads on longboard, and we ascend the steep and rough Austrian Kalkalpen with our limbs.

Woodstock Festival, Poland

Caribbean Sea, Mexico

San Sebastian, Spain

Ruta de los cenotes, Mexico

Krakow, Poland

Isla Blanca, Mexico


Prague, Czech Republic

Krk, Croatia

Caribbean Sea, Mexico

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She is a dancer, he is an engineer. What a nice mix! After all, opposites attract each other. In spite of the opposition, we are not orthogonal, we are parallel. Our interests, such as board sports and cold beer, make us move in the same direction :).

Please read more about us below, and if you want to contact us, do so in one of the following languages: English, Polish, Spanish, German, or French.

About Olga

An artist with an organisation and management mastermind. Millions of ideas cross her head in a second.

I was born in the Polish city of Łodź. In the age of 18, after graduating from National Ballet School in Poland, I moved to continue my dance education in Linz, Austria.  I successfully graduated with MA degree from contemporary dance, but this wasn’t enough for me and I started a management career, graduating in tourism and leisure management. Currently I can call myself a specialist in art, cultural and event management.

Since childhood I was addicted to movement: we travelled a lot with my family and practiced many sports. I even do not remember when I couldn’t swim, ride a bike, make a split, stand on my head or dance. I also practiced rhythmic gymnastics, horseback riding, windsurfing, sking and became a junior life guard.

Currently, together with my boyfriend Ivan I'm mastering my boardsports skills and climbing. 

About Ivan

I am a Mexican/Austrian engineer, snowboarder, wakeskater and longboarder. Since childhood I have been trying and practicing all kinds of sports such as: tennis, gymnastics, waterski (slalom), rock climbing, sailing, bodyboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sport fishing, and so on. I was born in Cancun, and moved to Austria 12 years ago. I am a peculiar sun and snow breed.

I have been working as an industrial software developer and robotics engineer (Antriebstechniker) for the past 6 years, however, the itch for sports and adventure has kept growing to the point where, together with my Polish girlfriend Olga, we came to realize that traveling, sports, and adventures is our true passion.

I speak excellent Spanish, English, German and French. Also, I am an experienced backend SW developer and architect, particularly in C/C++, C#, and Java. On my spare time I also enjoy hacking with my RPi and have an open source project on GitHub https://pettitpeon.github.io/AuTomatoPi/.