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The Plan

We invite you to be part of the low-cost travel adventure project Vagabundos del Mundo.

The project originates after years of studying, living, and working in Austria. Tired of the city life, we decided to travel through an eternal summer across North and South America. For 10 months, starting from June 2018, we will visit friends and family across the Americas, and have the opportunity to get to know new people and cultures. Wherever we go, we want to discover the genuine local vibe and adapt to the locals’ way of living avoiding superficial commercial tourism.

The Vagabundos del Mundo project is about the road, and for this, we plan to buy a small van and transform it into a vanper (a van adapted to be a small camper). It will move us around the US, Canada, and Mexico. In the rest of Central and South America, we will hop on public transportation.

Most importantly, Vagabundos del Mundo is about human interaction and exchange. We believe magic happens when people come together, therefore, our goal is to share moments with local people we meet along the way. These moments and experiences will be immortalized on the project’s website making them available to anybody interested.

To make Vagabundos del Mundo happen, we are looking for all the friends, family and friends of friends who would like to become part of this adventure.

We offer:

Great stories, great company, great Polish and Mexican cuisine, easy time, and any kind of help within our limits.

How to help

You can help us make Vagabundos del Mundo possible by hosting us, recommending us, or supporting us in any other way during the trip. Please let us know if you are, or you know someone who is on our way and could share a roof, a warm shower, a homemade lunch, a washing machine, or is willing to become a part of this adventure in any other way. Last but not least, anybody is free to tag along the way during any part of the trip!

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We will keep you updated on how Vagabundos del Mundo develops at www.vagabundosdelmundo.com, and Facebook facebook.com/vagabundosdelmundo.

We look forward to meeting you somewhere along the way!

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